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kamal Lawn Colletion 2013 by Zara Shahjahan

Kamal Lawn Collection by Zara Shahjahan 2013

Just after the mind-blowing launch of Zara Shahjahan’s Kamal Lawn on 8th March 2013, an enchanting display of fresh fashion lawn prints trotted out in Karachi. These lawn prints were the wunderkind Zara Shahjahan’s creation. This showcase was prodigious. The lawn prints displayed had fifteen new designs. There were a huge variety of colors in them. And the best thing about the show was all the prints were superb. After the successful launch of Kamal Lawn at Karachi, it is also launched at Lahore. A number of leading celebrities attended both the launches. The showcase was well-presented and well-attended. Kamal Lawn Director joined with So Kamal Erum Ahmad, fashion icon and Kamal Lawn Brand Ambassador, the gorgeous Aamina Sheikh and the talented Zara Shahjahan. With the arrival of scorching heat, all the women start getting ready to buy new and nice designer lawn prints. Many lawn prints are in market these days but to design prints keeping in view public demands is very difficult. Kamal Lawn is well-aware of this demand, and hence the lawn is totally up to its buyer’s expectations.

These are new and noble, pleasing and pretty. Zara Shahjahan is a wunderkind, who drew her inspiration from floral, flowery patterns. Her use of ethereal shades has magnified the dignity in them. The prints Kamal Lawn displayed are all cool. Some embroidered prints can also be found in them. Particularly, the duppatta prints are worth-watching. Zara Shahjahan, the designer has done her job with great involvement. All her prints are unique and different from one another. She has created new and distinguished designs. Zara is one of those leading Pakistani fashion artists who have proven themselves in a very short time. Kamal Lawn collection is incredible without any doubt or flaw. The use of color, the use of pattern, motif or hue, hence every single thing is designed with great sensitivity. It was a super-hit launch that has ever been seen.

Kamal Lawn Collection by Zara Shahjahan 2013:

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