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Karachi Photo Walk 2013

Karachi Photo Walk 2013

(Last Updated On: 15/07/2013)

After the outstanding success of Karachi Photo Walk’11 and Karachi Photo Walk’ 12 held at Bagh-e-ibne-Qasim, organizers are coming up with another fun filled round “Karachi Photo Walk’13”. Every photography lover is welcome to register. It will be held on Sunday, August 18, 2013 from 8: am – 3:pm. Keep your fingers cross the management will soon disclose the venue.

Some of you must be wondering what photo walking is. It is the act of walking with the camera aiming to take photos of whatever appeals the photographers. Excitement is in the air guys you are going to cover the beautiful city Karachi the way it’s never photographed before with whatever camera you have even your mobile camera. These kinds of events not only help you polish your skills and learn new things but they also give you an opportunity to socialize with different people.

It is basically a guided tour with all the security measures taken. The professionals will give you ideas of how to go about photography and the guide will brief you about the history of the marvelous places you will visit along the way.  Sounds like a lot of fun! All of you out there are getting a chance to project the softer image of your beloved country.

Explore Karachi with a different sight, convince will be provided from and to Bagh-e-Ibne-Qasim . This all doesn’t end here, the photographers will be given certificates and the best ones will win a token of appreciation from KPW team. All the participants will be provided with refreshment.

Capture the best moments of your life and have fun!

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  1. Amazing loved Photo Walk 😀

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