Mahesh Bhatt New Indo-Pak Project

(Last Updated On: 05/12/2013)

Mahesh Bhatt has taken a step to promote “Aman ki Asha” as he has planned to organize a theatre which will include actors from Pakistan and India. The play is based on a love story of young couple with totally different backgrounds. The theatre will be organised in both the countries. Mumabi, Dehli, Kolkata, Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad will be cities where the thearte will take off. Imran Zahid will be playing lead role with Pakistani actresses and the actors are yet to be decided.

Two bands will also be part of this theatre, one from each country from Pakistan Laal has already been selected and from India, “Indian Oceans” has been contacted in this regard. So far many steps has been taken to promote the message of Aman ki Asha and and Showbiz personalities of both countries have contributed alot to make it successful but no special effort have been observed from the political personalities and they have to play an important part.

The theatre will be directed by Mahesh Bhatt himself and will not only be limited to India and Pakistan but will be taken to west as well. Artists plays an important role in spreading a message and specially in todays world there is no better way to float your message through your heros and celebrities. Internet has made it even more easy for celebrities and comon man as well to spread their message within no time. Lets see how much Mahesh Bhatt gets successful to promote Aman ki Asha.

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