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Main Hari Piya Hum Tv Drama Serial

Main Hari Piya Hum Tv Drama Serial

Pakistani soap serials are recognized globally. People love them and they always get a high rating. One great example is ‘’Main Hari Piya”. It is a social drama. It has depicted a true essence of romance and contempt, disgust and conspiracies, complicacies of business, pleasures of university life and frustrations of practical life.
It started from 4th of February 2013 on HUM TV. Jahanzaib Qamar wrote this serial. Its cast consists of the entire adept artist like Munawar Saeed, Ayesha Toor, Farah Nadeem, Abbas Ali Agha, Faisal Jameel, Javeria, Soniya Hussain, Jibran, Soniya Hussain, Yasir Shooro,  Fazeela Qazi,  Zeeba, Mohsin Gilani and others. Asad Malik has beautifully directed this serial.

“Main Hari Piya” is account of three different families i.e. Jamiluddin, Hameedudeen and Taimur Malik’s. Jamilududen and Hameedudeen are two neighbors, and Taimur is a high-class business person.
In the drama, Jamiluddeen is a retired banker. He is a widower. He has four children i.e. three young daughters and a son. He is not stable financially, although he has a huge havili to live in. Nighat is Jamiluddeen’s eldest daughter; she is over-hill for marriage now. Malika is his second daughter. She is a university going girl. She is the heroine of this serial. Sami is younger than her. He has done Masters in Business Administration but is still unemployed.  This thing has deeply disturbed him so he has become really aggressive.  Taalia is the youngest girl. She is very casual and devil-may-care kind of person. For Taalia, studies are not important.
Their next door neighbor is Salma Bhabi’s family.  Salma‘s husband has also passed away. She has only one child. He is a medical student. He loves Malika, the neighborhood girl.
Now the third family is Taimur Malik’s family. Taimur is a well-heeled tradesperson. He is a peripatetic as he takes a lot of outdoor tours. He is married to Sarah. They have a son ‘Zawar’ and a proud daughter-in-law ‘Aiza’. Aiza and her brother, Saadi, are always wangling against people.
Main Hari Piya is a beautiful description of our society and its evils and hence, it is worth-watching.
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