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Make your Hairs Long & Strong Tips in Urdu

Hairs are the symbol of beauty for both men and women. The beautiful and heavy hairs always make you to feel confident and different from all others. Now a day’s people have many hair related problems and girls are worried about the hair fall. There are many oils and conditioners and shampoo are available in the market that one can solve the problem of the fallen hair and can make the hairs heavy and beautiful.

Oil massage

Massaging is the best way to increase the volume of the hairs. Massaging improves the bold circulation in the head and growth of hairs increases. Many oils are used for the purpose of massage in the hairs. Coconut and olive oils are the best for this purpose. After massage wrap the hairs with towel for the purpose of conditioning. Wash the hairs after two to three hours of massage and repeat this process two times in a week.

Balance diet

Balance diet is the most important factor for good hair growth. Hairs are made of proteins and need all essential vitamins and minerals for the normal growth of the hairs. Vitamin B, C, A, D, zinc and iron are very important elements for hair growth. The important tip is drink lot of water to keep yourself hydrated because drinking lot of water also helps you control your hair loss problem and hair growth increases.


Use good conditioner for the hairs and wash the hairs four times in a week. Apply the conditioner n the hair after shampoo and apply the conditioner 2 inches above the scalp. Conditioners should be of good quality and brand.


As it is clear that hairs are made of proteins so the egg is a rich source of the proteins. Regular protein treatment is very important for the hairs. One can use egg in diet and also can apply egg on the hairs although egg in the diet is more beneficial to increase the hair growth. A mixture of egg with any oil is best to apply on the hairs.

Olive oil

Olive oil softens and thickens the hairs, its massage is very good for fast hair growth and for a heavy volume of the hairs. Rinse the oil in the hairs before you apply shampoo in the hairs. For best results one can apply olive oil in the hairs before going to bed. A mixture of olive oil with honey is also best for the hairs.

Coconut oil

It improves the blood circulation towards the hairs and automatically hair growth increases. Massage of coconut oil is the best way to get a better hair growth. Its massage two to three times in a week is very essential for normal hair growth.

Avoid chemicals

One should avoid the extra straightens, terming and coloring for hairs. More use of these chemicals can damage the natural tone of the hairs and hair fall can start.

Exercise and yoga

One should add regular exercise and yoga in life. Yoga and exercise are very good for hairs because deficiency of oxygen can scalp and damage the hairs.

How to Make your Hairs Long & Strong Tips in Urdu


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    Thanks my hair is week u send me best tip hair Shempoo

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  • Haroon Qureshi on 04/11/2014

    Instead of smelly raw eggs, you can use a ready to use egg oil such as EYOVA. There is no risk of salmonella infection and it is easy to shampoo off.


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