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Malala’s Father Called Shakeel Afridi Hero and Afia Terrorist

(Last Updated On: 01/12/2013)

Its been said that a clever enemy is better than to have a dumb friend that’s what Pakistan is suffering from our friends in shape of Malala and her father had done great damage to image of this country. Their comnents hurts the feelings of majority of Pakistani’s. Few days back Malala after receving a perstigious european award said that ” I wish that European parliment will look beyond Europe to those countries where people are still deprived of their basic rights”.  She also said in her early days of fame that for a women its very hard to get education in Pakistan. Malala was enough to give such coments but now her father also came up which are not very pleasing for most of the Pakistan. Malala’s father Ziaudin Yousaf Zai said that Shakeel Afridi should be handed over to USA and must be honored. He also asserted that Pakistan wasn’t able to control terrorism with the help of drone attacks. He also revealed that Afia is a terrorist and Shakeel Afridi is a hero. Well Father and daughter are representing Pakistan in a wrong way that is what most of the Pakistani’s think. People say that don’t this father and daughter see how many girls attend school on daily basis. Don’t they see that most of the top position holders are girls nowadays. A comon man think that the people or personalities that represents Pakistan all over the world should represent Pakistan they way it is. They shouldn’t talk for their own fame or get huge round of applause. Many in Pakistan don’t agree with Malala’s father that Afia is terrorist and Shakeel Afridi is a hero.

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