Malaysian Govt. Crackdown against Overseas Pakistanis

Earlier the news about crackdown by Saudi government against illegal residents was quite hot. Many Pakistanis were hit badly by this crackdown.

Following the example set by Saudi government, Malaysia has also initiated a crackdown that has caused a huge number of Pakistani illegal residents in Malaysia to end up in jails.

The crackdown operation was conducted in Kuala Lumpur. These Pakistanis were already facing tough conditions in Malaysia as they were jobless and now in addition this arrest has increased their troubles. Sources claim that even some legal residents were also arrested. Despite having legal visa and permission to stay in Malaysia, they were arrested and the details are unknown but the reason could be that they were providing help to the illegal residents in staying in Malaysia.

It is a dominant idea that once these arrested people are released after interrogation, they will face deportation to their homeland Pakistan. This incident has raised concerns in the families of those people who are currently in Malaysia. Most of these people are the ones supporting their families back in Pakistan and these people belong to backward or terrorism affected areas like Swat, Buner, Bajaur, Batkhela, Dir and Chitral.

Pakistan has Manpower and this manpower is famous all over the world as they are quite hardworking people. In past Gulf, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Malaysia and many other countries have imported a lot of manpower from Pakistan for different purposes.

In these times when the world economy is travelling downwards, many countries are reluctant to make use of manpower from Pakistan and prefer India and Bangladesh in this regard.

This should concern Pakistani government as it is one of the important sources of income generation for the country and the families of these people.

If this dimension is subtracted from these people, poverty in the country will increase and will also cost the government inversely.

Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq

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  • eric
    18/09/2013 at 2:19 PM

    Malaysian government must be very proud of it self


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