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Mathira Again Nasty in Morning Show (Subh Ki Fiza)

Mathira Again Nasty in Morning Show (Subh Ki Fiza)

Mathira, yes the scandalous girl is back again with another dirty linen. This time in a Morning Show known as “ Subh Ki Fiza” from A-Plus network of Pakistan. She broke all her limits their by her vulger gestures, unethical dance and unappropriate dress for the show.
Scandal and Mathira or so-called “Baji” seems to have a strong relation together. Every time there is a new tale about her to discuss. Polemical Mathira went to the show wearing a mini skirt in orange with deep neckline and no sleeves. And adding fuel to fire her attire was a draping down kind which made it even shorter from the front. Tus she was half-naked in it which was quiet unusual for a Morning Show; which is mostly seen by Pakistani housewives and tradition-loving people.
Then the raunchy Mathira aka Paris Hilton of Pakistan, began conversing in a very fake tone, as if she was trying to allure someone. This tone was similar to her conversation tone in her own programe at a music channel.

Her talk was also not a decent one. She acted very casually in the show and at one point it seemed that she is saying things on purpose, this makes me call her an over-actor. At one point, she put aside all her values and everything by waving kisses and then dancing like a butterfly.
She was responsible for thebanning of her show at Music TV, and after the disapproval of Mathira’s acting at that Morning Show; no other TV channel would take the risk of calling the notorious Mathira again to ruin their show
It was definitely embarrasing for a Morning show to call such people who does not deserve to be treated nicely to them. The “Paris Hilton of our Times” has always proven herself to be a controversial figure, begging fame in exchange of dignity and self-respect. But these hollow stunts can never prove to get her real fame. Instead her reputation would soon make her an un-known story of the past.

Mathira in Morning Show, Subh Ki Fiza:

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