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Mathira Appears In Hot Bollywood Item Song

After Veena Malik Matihra has also shacked her hand to the Bollywood and she is also interested to work in the Indian film industry. She has also worked in the most famous film Munni style. Now she has made an Indian film Young Malang in which she wears a sheer Ghaghra couple in this film. Hot and seductive film actress Matihra has also crossed the border in a famous Indian film young Malang. The producer of this film is Rahulinder Singh Sidhu. She said that working in this film is an enjoyable experience and this film bounds a good culture between Pakistan and India. She said that I have not worked to get span within a short time. She was in Chandigarh for the shooting of the song of this film. She said that I have always challenged the social norms and values of society that confine the woman to four walls in the name of social bonds she said that I always walk ahead of the people and keep pace with changing social norms and values for women.

After Veena Malik she is the second Pakistani film actresses who have worked din the title song of the Indian Punjabi film. She is soon going to work in the Indian film and up till now she has worked in the Indian title song of the film and she said that said working in the title song is really enjoyable and this will bond the cultures of Pakistan and India. Matihara is a famous Pakistani television actress and she is very bold and she is also liked by people by her bold approach over acting and performance.

Matihara was born in February 25, 1992. She is one of the actresses who are famous in a little age. She also has good and bold approach over the Pakistani entertainment industry and she has performed many such activities and programs for the entertainment of people. She has also hosted many TV shows, serials and morning programs for the entertainment of audiences and listeners. She is also a famous fashion designer and she is also the brand ambassador of many fashion designers. She has also performed many night TV shows. She is very famous and known among the people due to these shows. She is also performing many bold ramp walks in different fashion shows and also perform many topless photo shoot for fashion magazines in Pakistan. She has a huge fan and is liked by people and that is why she is popular in home country and abroad alike. She belongs to a Pakistani mother and an African father and she was born in Zimbabwe and she moved to Pakistan when she was 13 years old. She has done many shown online on different TV channels of Pakistan.  She has also a good command over the singing and she has sung many songs. The most famous songs in which she performs are ‘Jadugar, Desi Beat, and Nachdi Kamaal Billo by Malkoo and Woh Kaun Thi by Rizwan ul Haq.

Mathira Item Song (Lakk Ch Current)

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