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Sherry Rehman Blasphemy Case Scandal

Sherry Rehman is a senior member of the Pakistan peoples party and she is also the minister of telecommunication in the last years. Sherry Rehman Born in Karachi in a prominent family of Sindh, her father A. Rahman, was a lawyer as well as an educator in Sindh. Her mother served as vice president of the State Bank of Pakistan in Sindh and her mother was the first woman in the country to hold the post. Sherry Rahman first of all attended the Karachi Grammar School and after matriculation she attends the Smith College and then the University of Sussex where she studied art history and political science. As side by side of the politics she also has interests in the arts. There are many scandals of Sherryn Rehman when she was in government and even after. Sherry also worked as a professional and a senior journalist in Pakistan for more than twenty years, she also writes for national and international newspapers and news magazines. She writes for newspapers for more than twenty years.

She was also the editor of the Pakistani news magazines. The Herald is famous Pakistani news magazines and she was the edition of this magazine for more than ten years. She also serves as the member of Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) in the year of 1998. She also served as the member of the Pakistan national assemble in the years of 2002 to 2007. Later on she was appointed as the Minister for Information and Broadcasting, and on 31 March 2008. On the other side of the politics she is also working in the civil societies of the country and she has also opened many centers here she helps the poor people and women of the country. In civil society of Pakistan sherry Rahman is also the Chair of the Lady Dufferin Foundation Trust, it is the largest non-profit provider of women and children’s subsidized health care in the province of Sindh. She is working for children’s and women of the Sindh. In these days Sherry Rahman Blasphemy Case Scandal is very famous and Sherry Rehman is at the target of media and other business communities of the country.

A famous citizen of Multan Faheem Gill as alleged case against Sherry Rehman. He said that sherry has committed blasphemy in 2010 during a TV talk show. Although it still is not clear that is it is the right thing or not. He furthers aid that she was speaking of the blasphemy laws and she also made some statements which were blasphemous for other laws of the country also. It is the case of the year 2010. He said that he is trying to register this case form three years but it is still not registered and no one was serious to register this case against sherry. He said that I am happy that now this case id registered also and the court is serious to take action at this case. Sherry has refused to agree at this case. According Sherry Rehman it is just a lie.

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