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Metro Bus Lahore: Failure or Success?

Metro Bus System in Lahore is unarguably Pakistan’s 1st rapid mass transit project. Before it was inaugurated, many were claiming that this is a revolutionary step by Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. The number of Metro buses initially incorporated into this project is 45 buses. Each bus having 18 meter length is 6 meter longer than normal buses. A two way road track is constructed having a length of 30KM and a width of 10m. This track is named Metro bus corridor. The number of passengers that can be accommodated in one bus is estimated to be 120-140. There will be separate seats for male, female and disabled passengers. According to another estimate it was revealed that around 60,000 people will travel by these buses every single day. These buses will have an extended timing of 16 hours per day from 6:30AM till 10:30PM. 29 bus stops are scheduled to be constructed on Metro bus corridor. E-ticket is also introduced into these buses. This project will consume 30 Billion Rupees.

Metro Bus System: A Failure or Success?
While reading about the entire features mentioned above, it really seems a brilliant project but it was all before the project actually started to function. Rather than a blessing, it seems more of a disaster.
Metro Bus System

  • On the very next day when the project was inaugurated, many passengers faced problems on Ferozpur to Khana Kacha and Gajumata route as no local bus was available. Passengers had to wait for an hour before an overloaded Metro Bus arrived. Remember it was said that a Metro Bus will come after every 3 minutes. If passengers have to take taxi, rikshaw or wait for alternative bus, what is the point in developing a Metro Bus System?
  • An overloaded Metro Bus is reported to have collided with the road divider. The project seems to have estimated wrong number of travellers that will travel on these buses. Overloading of these buses will cause them to get old soon and they will be of no use. This simply indicates that this project will fail if solution to this problem is not provided.
  • Male and female passengers have to stand with each other. Everyone tries to occupy space for him/herself. It was mentioned in the features that male and female as well as the disabled will have reserved seats. But due to overloading this is not happening. It might be okay in many countries of the world but in a Muslim country, male and female standing together while travelling is not appreciated and this problem needs to be sorted out.
  • Maintenance cost and running cost of the project is really high and it has caused serious concerns amongst all the circles. The total budget of Punjab is 63 Billion while 30 Billion is spent on just a road and buses in Lahore. Almost 50% of the whole Punjab budget is spent on one road only. Many minds are thinking how this act is justified? Already people of other cities are feeling neglected.

Although there are many weaknesses in the project but it is just the start. For the time being this project seems to be a failure. If the Punjab Government is serious and dedicated about this project, they will try their best to overcome these weaknesses and work for the betterment of this project and try to deliver what this project promised before it was started. A failure of the project might cost Shahbaz Sharif his whole political career.

Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq

Umer Farooq is a hobbyist British writer, who likes to write about Politics, Sports, Fashion and Technology. Having secured a Master’s degree in Executive Leadership from University of Ulster United Kingdom, he has a firm grip on current issues. Research work also is one of the his favourite areas and it came natural to him.


  • FARAN AHMED on 29/07/2015

    I think government have done a great job but our people must act wisely so that these problems can be minimized

  • naveed on 21/10/2014

    its a big hit ppl taking here and there should first take a ride on metro and then speak honesty as a comman public putting a side politics

  • ALI on 09/06/2013

    v v v gud

  • Umair Ahmed on 07/06/2013

    The project as I see it is a necessity and the problems it faces are not created by the project designers but us. The Turkish may have thought that the public boarding it would be sensible and our government in shame wouldn’t have revealed our most innate desire to break the rules.

    Who overcrowds the buses the runners or us? Why don’t we try to be reasonable and not board a bus which is already full? Why women think that boarding in a men filled bus is OK and the men alike think that occupying the women seats is fine?

    The solution is quiet simple, hire conductors to regulate boarding and men/women rights.

    Though Islamabad is touted as a modern and highly western city, I have never seen a man sitting or standing beside a woman in any local transport, in the adverse conditions a kid or a bag is placed in between. Heck women and men alike, react furiously towards overcrowding and such shameless acts.

  • Sohail Bashir on 29/04/2013

    All credit goes to PMLN. It is a big project.

  • Naveed on 20/04/2013

    There is no doubt that the Metro bus is a mega project introduced to Lahore with the help of the Turkish government. However, some promises were made to the public in this regard such as it being a safe and decent means of transportation with reasonable fares for the public inside the city. Unfortunately, the people faced many problems during the construction of the Metro Bus Service. After the completion of the project, the government of Punjab seems to have gone back on its promises to the people. To start with, the fares charged initially were very reasonable but now the same fares have doubled. There is also a shortage of buses due to which people have to wait in line for several hours. Many people have complained that their pockets have been picked by thieves along with their mobiles. This project, which was constructed for the ease and betterment of the people, has been turned into one of many problems. With the help of your columns, I appeal to the government and the management of the Metro Bus Service to improve the environment and conditions surrounding the project so as to make it safer and more decent.

  • Amirraza on 26/03/2013

    I like girls

  • Zill J on 26/03/2013

    Failure Failure


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