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Mirat-Ul-Uroos Drama Serial Geo TV

Mirat-Ul-Uroos Drama Serial Geo TV

(Last Updated On: 03/03/2013)

Mirat-Ul-Uroos is new Pakistani Drama  which were named as to airing in 2012 but its original date was January 9 2013. Well the Mirat-ul-Uroos is meant to be the bride’s mirror and now in these days it is the best Geo Pakistani TV Drama.

Gener of Mirat-Ul-Uroos

This drama is written by Umaira Ahmad and directed by Anjum Shehzad. And it is the most popular TV drama of Geo TV. It is the is based on little bit romance and Drama it also based on social and cultural events in the Muslim’s region which must be prominent in this era of presentation among young generation.

Star Cast For This TV Drama

The stars who worked in this TV serial are Amina Sheikh, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Mehwish Hayat and Ahsan  Khan. All the actors of this TV Show are fully enhanced with acting capabilities, so must try to watch this serial because the story of this Drama is based on two families who are originally bonded with each other and have great time together. Families are traditional and try to live traditionally in their real life.

Title Track Of This Drama

Well the title track of this drama is “Mera Chota Sa Ek Sapna Hai” and this song is sung by Fariha Pervez and Mehwish Hayat. These two are the greatest Pakistani female singers who sung gradually to enhance their fans towards their singing.

Running Time For This Serial

Well the total running time for this serial is 40-45 minutes and the language used to produce this drama is Urdu which is the mother tongue of Pakistani nation. So keep on moving with Geo TV serials to get the chance to evaluate the Muslim cultures and region among all the new generation especially new generation.

Well, Ahsan Khan and Ayesha Khan are the best regarding TV Actors who are well organized for the best acting among their fans and followers.

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