Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai by Hum TV

Mujy khuda pe yakeen hy is a Pakistani drama serial on hum TV. It produced and directed by barkat siddaqui. Seema munaf and atiya dawood write story of this drama respectively. Ahsan khan, Aisha khan, Momal Sheikh, Raju Jamil and Mikaal Zulfiqar, does starring of this drama. This drama is airing on hum TV. This is an upcoming serial on the hum TV. It is story-based drama. After the success of drama parsa, this drama also contains a bombastic story. Highly talents persons are going to Starr this. All these persons are some of the best talents of the Pakistan drama and film industry.

It is Barkat Siddiqui’s all-star cast production. This story totally based on the principals of Islam and teaching of the holy prophet all mentioned in the form of a story. This drama serial is going to start on the hum TV from fifteen august. Ayesha Khan is coming to perform in this drama after along break from the industry. As every person in Pakistan always try to become first in everything and at every place in the same Pakistan TV channels are also in competition with each other.  In this Ramadan Geo TV channel is at the peak of success by their good productions for Ramadan.

It has attracted all people towards itself.  There is hope that after EID hum TV will attract the people of Pakistan toward itself by producing different and good serial. Hum, TV is going to on air many dramas after the eid and it will attract all people towards itself by its beautiful productions. In normal days hum TV is always at number position but in this Ramadan Geo, it is at first number due to its Ramadan Aman Transmission. Hum people like TV dramas like hum safer and zindgi gulraiz hy. After eid drama, serial mujy khuda py yakeeen hy will be on air, at hum TV. Story of this drama is reality and truths based and contain a lesson for Muslims that we should follow the rules and teaching of Islam and holy prophet.

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