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True Story of Asif Ali Zardari’s Marriage to Tanveer Zamani

Many news circles on social media keep on claiming that President of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari has married a 47 years old surgeon named Dr. Tanveer Zamani. The news also claims that this marriage ceremony has taken place in Dubai and was kept secret while paperwork and prenuptials have been confirmed. News sources also claimed that 9 black goats along with 6 cows and a camel were also sacrificed on this occasion.

The news sources also claimed that with the advent of Dr. Tanveer Zamani in the life of Asif Ali Zardari, a lot has been changed and Zardari is seeking refuge under the loyalty of his new wife.

Also it has been claimed that media analysts are trying to find an evidence before they could openly share this news on TV channels and still they are trying to figure out what motive does Zardari have behind this marriage. Is it wealth, love or is it just another political move?

Now the sweet part is over. Jang Group first leaked this news, which is a prominent news source of Pakistan. The news was not denied by either of the two earlier but later Asif Ali Zardari threatened the news group to provoke legal action against them if they did not refrain from publishing such rumors about his personal life. On other hand Dr. Tanveer Zamani also denied any such rumors. This news was covered by Telegraph UK where she issued her statement.

I have never met President Zardari and the only reason I have refrained from commenting on an internet hoax involving me is because I deemed it against my dignity to respond to such a hoax. Bloggers and journalists do not have the right to make up stories and disrupt the lives of people.

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  1. Dear Farooq , I appreciate your courage as a journalist to investigate the leaked news of the former President Zardari's second wedding in Feb 2011. His party with the fear of loosing Bhutto vote bank suppressed the news, his wife was forced to deny the news publicly by Husain Haqqani. PK ambassador at that time in the US. Party and family pressure made the president threat Jang group. His daughter Aseefa threatened him for suicide, Bilawal threatened him for leaving the party, Anyhow, finally he for the sake of all others, suppressed his life. Bhutto dynasty survived over the ashes of Zardaris love and life. This is the major sacrifice he is giving since 2006. Read http://zardarizamanippp.wordpress.com/

  2. Rashid R. Zafar

    Watch this 20 -VIDEO serial of Zardari Zamani story.

    Zardari's real life behind Bhutto Saga.

  3. so basically you're saying that the news is true

  4. How can you call yourself a "British" journalist when your articles aren't even structured in proper English? Terrible grammar and journalism

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