Nokia Lumia 620 vs Nokia Lumia 720

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(Last Updated On: 10/08/2013)

Nokia Lumia 620 and Nokia Lumia 720 are two windows 8 Smartphones. Nokia Lumia’ 620 was introduced first time in 5 December 2012 while Nokia Lumia 720 was introduced first time in a February 25 in 2013. Both these Smartphones are extremely different from one another in their design, display, functions and colors. Nokia 720 is simple in design and has slight round corners that gives it a unique look, while the Nokia 620 is compact in design and has edges at the corners.

Nokia 720 has a resemblance in design of the Nokia 920. 620 is a low cost handset while 720 is an expensive device. 720 are available in glossy white and red blue and black color it is commonly said to be Uni body design. 720 is a more advanced set than 620 as it can be seen from their year of invention described above. There are many differences in both these sets. 620 have a rounded back that makes it easier to hold in hand as compared to the 720 that has edges as well. 620 have 3.8-inch display screen and 480*480 pixels and a clear black technology as compared to all other Smartphones. 620 designed with a surface having reflection filters and linear polarizer and a wave retardation film, its reflective surface is beneficial in ambient light reflection and results deep in color. It improves its overall readability.

Lumia 720 has 4.3 inches 480*800 pixels with an LSD touchscreen, it has a very sensitive sign, someone can use gloves and nails during usage it gives an image with a clear look, and it is much more responsive for touch gestures as compare to others. If someone uses both of these sets then the experience of 720 will be better than 620, although 620 is also good to use. As I have already mentioned that 720 has a anybody cover so it does not support changes in covers but someone can use the wireless changing snap on the covers to give it a different look as compared to original look. These covers are available in different colors including black, white, yellow, red etc. While on the other hand 620 can be changed without wireless cover.

720 have an orientation sensor in its software while 620 have polarization filters in software. 720 have an automatic high bright mood that can be controlled but 620 have a brighter mood that cannot be controlled. Two things that are common in both these handsets are color boosting and ambient light sensor capability. 720 has corning gorilla, glass 2 while 620 has no. 720 also has sunlight readability enhancer in it. 720 have a larger screen and are more is sensitive to touch. It is bigger than 620 and its weight is 127g. It is available in green, yellow, orange, white and black color. It is more expensive and is advance.  620 are cheaper, are smaller, and have a higher pixel density display and are available in colors like white, Red and yellow. Nowadays 720 are preferred over 620 Video and snaps result of 720 is better than 620, 720 has a very strong position in terms of camera pic as compared to 620. Nokia 720 has a 607 MP rear facing camera and 1.3 front facing camera while 620 has 5MP rear facing camera and 0.3 MP front facing camera. Both these handsets can videos at 30 frames per second. Both sets have sensitive cameras. Both have improved image quality a scamper to all previous sets. Both sets have higher contrast and over all better color and tone definitions as compared to all previous sets.

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