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Hindi cinema’s It Decade, the 50s, was full of grand tales of passion and romance, tragedy kings and drama queens, lambent black-and-white-and glowing sepia tones. Heroes wore their hair in artful puffs; the beehive bouf fant of the heroines was still some years away. For nostalgia junkies, Khoya Khoya Chand should have been pure pleasure. Sudhir Mishra’s story of wannabe star Nikhat and work in progress poet-directed by Zafar who is wonderfully atmospheric, with its just-right re-recreation of the period with its sets-within-the-sets, the costumes, the lilting music. Zafar is full of angst and longing, just the way Guru Dutt’s character was in Kagaz Ke Phool.

The former’s first movie fails, and he lurched up to the door, flinging it open, bringing to mind the iconic scenes in that movie. And Nikhat could have been a mix of any of the leading actresses of that era, paraded in front of lustful producers as a young girl, ‘compromising’ (ride, ‘sleeping with’) to keep the poorhouse at bay, and an ambitious Ammi happy. It has everything to do with the fact that show, who is the fulcrum, does not make it out. She is pretty, she is vivacious, but she is not a 50s girl. Her body language is contemporary; she even, horrors, falters with her Urdu. And second fiddle Shiney is not given enough to do, though he shows flashes of the Locknawi nawabi andaaz he’s meant to, in a couple of well-executed scenes. Khoya Khoya Chand, a drama movie.

Starring Shiney Ahuja, Soha Ali Khan, Rajat Kapoor, directed by Sudhir Mishra. Music for Khoya Khoya Chand composed by Shantanu Moitra and produced by Prakash Jha. Circa 1960s Luck now-based author Zafar Ali Naqvi, who has issues with his father and his four wives, including the 4th one who lusts after him, re-locates to Bombay, starts writing for movies, and falls in love with starlet Nikhat Sheikh. Both decide to get married but at the last moment, she cancels her plans after she discovers that her mother and her live-in boyfriend, Michael, have gambled all her savings. Zafar leaves, leaving Nikhat on a bumpy road to self-destruction. Stars of serial are Shiney Ahuja, Soha Ali Khan and Rajat Kapoor. A movies review at this drama by amodini sharma is that Khoya Khoya Chand is a set amid the film industry of the 50s, and is a complicated love story.

True, all love stories are, but one is rather used to seeing them on-screen simply told. Moreover, it is tragic. There is nascent love, and there are willing lovers; these circumstances, this world and its wants and expectations just will not let them be. Thus, one shocked to see a film like Khoya Khoya Chand, which shows up the industry then, as it really was on the inside. Quite different apparently from what portrayed on-screen. They were schemers, wheeler-dealers, the producers ranted about profits, and the casting couch was apparently over-utilized. It is a dingy place, where unsuspecting men and women fall prey to the vagaries of this world.

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