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Pakistani Election Poll Rigging in 2013 Videos

Written by Ahmad A.R
(Last Updated On: 14/05/2013)

Though General elections 2013 were encouraging because it resulted in about 60 % of turn out for the first time in the history of Pakistan but the results tell another sad story, the traditional so-called “Rejected” leader won with a heavy number of votes. This is something very fishy and thus the whole country is protesting and has rejected the results. Furthermore, media has also released videos from all over Pakistan as evidences for the poll-rigging. Seven of them are shared here:

  • In Karachi’s NA-250, an adult is shown putting multiple ballot papers in the box. He seems to be very happy and even sure about her deed. It is a defense Clifton Polling station. It also shows that the man is leaving the polling station without being arrested, enquired or asked. Police is letting him go as if they knew him.
  • It is also a video from Karachi where a middle-aged woman is very confidently stuffing the ballot box with more than one papers in her hand. She is uninterrupted and fearless, as if it’s a great thing to do.
  • It is a polling station from Dera Ismael Khan. The woman in this video is telling everyone and making sure that each voter must stamp a particular person.
  • Narowal polling station had the same story, unknown people dumbed and threw the ballot box full of papers on the road and started dancing in front of the camera. No one over there took notice of them.
  • It is another video in which an adult is seen marking different papers fearlessly.
  • It’s a video from inner Sindh where Rangers have arrested men with fake ballot papers and other material.
  • In the beginning, a woman is cursing a policeman to ignore what’s happening in front of him. She says shame on you to withstand it. And in the last segment of this video, a polling officer is signing multiple ballot papers by themselves.

Hence, the election 2013 was full of poll-rigging and cheating. Police, Polling Officers and even ECP is responsible for this shameful and humiliating act.  They must feel ashamed for selling their faiths just for some rupees.

 Pakistani Election Poll Rigging in 2013 Videos:

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  • Massive rigging in 2013 elections in connivance with election commission of Pakistan secretary ishtiaq ahmad, najam sethi of Punjab. 35000 to 50000 bogus ballot papers printed illegally inserted in ballot boxes of each constituency of Punjab besides other malpractices. this fraud done with nation can be detected by checking thumb impression on electoral rolls and comparing it with thumb impression available with nadra. Pti must get certified copies of compared thumb impressions for examination of local and international experts otherwise nadra under pressure of thugs, looters and thieves will give all ok report. Bogus ballot papers can be screened out by ultraviolet light as used for detecting fake currency. Najam sethi a cia agent accomplished American agenda of defeating pti. Presiding officers who facilitated this malpractice can be identified easily and be awarded exemplary punishments.

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