Pakistani Film-makers Invited for Oscar Submission

Written by Ahmad A.R
(Last Updated On: 23/08/2013)

The Academy Awards which are formally known as The Oscars are awards which are presented annually as a symbol of excellence covering the cinematic achievements.

“The Oscar statuette is officially named the Academy Award of Merit and is one of nine types of Academy Awards. Organized and overseen by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), the awards are given each year at a formal ceremony.”

Pakistani filmakers are invited for Oscar submission by the Pakistan Academy Selection Committee to put forward their films for contemplation by August 25, 2013. Pakistan Academy Selection Committee is headed by Emmy and Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy who is the Oscar winner documentary filmmaker.

It also got talented Mehreen Jabbar an expert and determined director/producer. she has given a lot of sooper hits to the Pakistani TV. Mohsin Hamid  a well known author of the novels Moth Smoke, The Reluctant Fundamentalist and How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia, Rahat Kazmi  Pakistani actor, host,  a gifted and professional speaker, Akifa Mian writer, director and assistant professor of film at Beaconhouse National University, Framji Minwalla is professor at the Institute of Business Administration, his area of interest revolves around  visual and cultural studies, film studies, media and communications and all forms of theory.

Last but not the least  Samina Peerzada a film actress and director who has shinned in a no of films and Tv dramas, a blessed artist. All the members are extraordinary brilliant in their respective fields. Officially one Pakistani film will be chosen by the members for the category of the Foreign Language Film Award. Pakistan has submitted two Pakistani films for this category since the Academy Awards have started.

This category stands for feature-length motion picture produced outside the United States of America with a predominantly non-English dialogue track.

For being eligible for this category the film must be released between October, 1st 2012 and September, 30th 2013 and first it should have been released in the native country. For being profitable for the producer and exhibitor it should be publicly displayed for seven continuous days. It’s not necessary to release the film in the United States but it should be advertised properly. The film should be in a non English language but with an accurate English subtitle. Before its release in cinema no TV or internet show should take place. It should be feature-length, defined as a minimum of 40 minutes, except for short subject awards, and it must exist either on a 35 mm or 70 mm film print or in 24 frame/s or 48 frame/s progressive scan digital cinema format with native resolution no less than 1280×720.

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