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Ashraf Valliani Ready to Wear Collection 2013

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 16/08/2013)

Ashraf Valliani is a Virginia USA, based designer setting a collection merged with fashion leading trends in the fashion industry of Pakistan. Her designs and the introduction of new collections portrays that she is highly influenced by women and their strength. Her works and designs outbursts the desire for the women development and support for the solution of their problems. Her signature style revolves around the world of women and for every specific occasion or event her designs sing the harmonious melodies of fashion.

Ashraf Valliani, designs speaks the language of tradition as well as fashion adopted by the ladies in this 21st century. Her designs had gained major fame and are highly preferred by the women in Pakistan as they are smart casuals worn mostly with a touch of style and elegance, giving a completely new and unique look. This Eid she had put together a launch of her new collection, raining with colors, combination of shades, panels and stunning designs from block print to hand embroidery.

This Eid is a chance of being able to look like and be the centre of attention anywhere in parties, office, dinner and lunch.  This Eid, the new collection of Ashraf Valliani had become the latest hit in the fashion market. The color combination chosen are dark and sharp and the eternal beauty of land. These colors had become much highlighted in this climate of summer and rainfall mesmerized with comfort and style.

Ashraf had opened up her own brand by the name of Heritage assortment which only contains the outfits and dresses for women. Some of these also include 3 piece suits and she had last in 2013 introduced the opulent collection with the fusion of olive green and pink color. The dresses are prepared with hand embroidery on the front and paired with Dhaka pyjama and embellished dupattas.  She is a renowned designer and had laid down her foundations deep in the fashion industry of Pakistan where they can only get much stronger.

Ashraf Valliani Ready to Wear Collection 2013:


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