Pakistani Student Won Malaysian President Award

When it comes to proving, its Pakistan who comes up on the top. Another Pakistani student proved the talent that Pakistan have got and this time its Syed Faiq Najeeb who won a prestigious educational award of Malaysia. The talented Pakistani Student won Malaysia President Award as he secured the highest CGP in his graduate program. Syed belongs to Karachi and has been studying at International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance. This guy has really made all Pakistani’s proud of him.

The genius mind got 3.98 GPA and astonished many by his talent and hard work. The award was handed over to him in a prize distribution ceremony by Zeti Akhtar Aziz, Governor Bank Negara Malaysia. Father of Faiq, Syed Najeeb Akbar was really proud of his son and was thanking Almighty Allah for giving him and his son so much respect. He also added that he is very happy that his son has became an educational symbol all over the world and done such a work that the whole Pakistan is proud of him. Faiq said that such a huge achievement isn’t possible without the help of Allah Almighty and prayers of parents .

He foresee to implement and promote the Islamic financing in the world and says that Islamic financial system is the best financial system of the world. Faiq has done BA Honors degree and as a reward of his hard work and achieving a prestigious award he has been offered to complete his studies in a reputable institute on scholarship sponsored by Bank Negara. Such inspirations are a great gift to all other Pakistani students and it also becomes a source of motivation to hard working students. May Faiq achieve numerous other awards like this in his life.

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