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"Waar" Praised By Indian Director Ram Gopal Verma

“Waar” Praised By Indian Director Ram Gopal Verma

Pakistan Film industry have started producing some massive quality oriented movies form last two years but specially 2013 has been a year of revival of Pakistan cinema. This year Pakistan movies really stood hard in front of Bollywood movies. Zinda Bhaag, Mai hoon Shahid Afridi, Ishq Khuda, Josh and above all Waar. Waar really have set standards for the other directors not only in Pakistan but also for Indian directors. One feel like he/she is watching a Hollywood movies.

A movie that has set up the base of revival of Pakistani cinema in reality. Not only Pakistani showbiz industry legends appreciated the movie but Indian directors couldn’t resist to watch and praise the movie. In this context Ram Gopal Verma has really appreciated the movie a lot and said that he really like the movie and is very impressed from the direction of Bilal Lashari. He also admitted that he has watched the movie from a illegal source as he saw the movie with the help of pirated DVD he said that he couldn’t resist after hearing so much about the movie that’s why he had to watch the movie on pirated DVD.

Ram Gopal Verma said that he would request Bilal Lashari to send copy of the movie to all Bollywood directors so that they could learn something new from Bilal Lashari. RGV gave these comments on tweeter. One must appreciate the efforts of the team of Waar movie they really have done a marvellous job and proved the talent of Pakistan all over the world to extent that even enemies couldn’t resist to praise the movie.

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