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PPP Offer to Make Imran Khan PM in Coalition Government

Written by Ahmad A.R
(Last Updated On: 08/05/2013)

Since the countdown of elections have started, and the days are very crucial as we see the election fever madding many of our leaders and parties. Now the newest blow is PPP leadership is ready to offer Imran Khan, the tiger of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf the seat of PM in the forthcoming Pakistan’s political scenario. They are even ready to share the government with the Pakistan Muslim League in Punjab in the coalition government.
Mian Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo offers Imran Khan this slot as he says,

’’ The PPP could also offer Imran Khan the office of prime minister in the coalition government,”

he is the president of central Punjab chapter, while taking an interview in Okara on Sunday at a campaign trial. He is competing for several constituencies such as, NA-147, NA-148 and PP-188.

In Wattos opinion the election 11th May 2013 are hard and at the end, may be a coalition government would be formed.  He says that Asif Ali Zardari believes in coordinations among the parties. In his opinion even JU, ANP and MQM also could also coordinate with PTI and PPP. He also has the intention to join hands with Nawaz Sharif’s party in Punjab if only they get enough seats. He claims that after 2008 elections, PPP could make coalition government with anyone now, but Zardari would prefer PML-N to revive in the province. He says that since PTI focuses on winning national Assembly seats so they could not offer the provincial government seats to Imran Khan.
Watoo is hopeful about winning in the general election once again as PPP idiolocial voters could never imagine to vote someone else. That is why; unlike PPP’s rivals compaigns and public rallies PPP is only relying on media for its support. In Watoo’s opinion, media is sufficient for their victory.
Wattoo informed that their rely on media for campaigns will be effective as campaigns in United States are relied upon it. He further added that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari will soon meet the public via video link.

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