RB By Fashion Designer Rabail Qureshi

Rabail Qureshi is a fresh artist in the Pakistan Fashion Industry. She took her fashion degree from Asian Institute of Fashion Design. She is a youthful, energetic and gifted fashion diva and she transforms these qualities into her fashion pieces. They contain a story of style, fashion and trend in them.
For her Pret wear, she mainly uses cotton and muslin. Her designing techniques are fresh and creative like her color blocking techniques on shirts, distinguished cuts and outclass shadings and so on. She is famous for creating funky outfits. The different thing about them is they are very rejuvenating. She has a wide collection of half-embroidered, half-printed and half-plain motifs.

In Formal and evening wears, she takes pride to create novel styles. She decks her formal apparels with beads and stones on different fabrics. They are pretty and gorgeous. They are suitable for all kinds of functions and parties for girls of all ages.
She has established her own label with the name, RB. And her collection is also available at some boutiques in metropolitans.  She also shows her latest collection from time to time. It is novel, inspiring, hot and unique. She is unbeatable in terms of her alluring modern styles. She takes a lot of pains to create a different look.
Every woman is different. Every woman wants to look apart from others. RB agrees to it and respects this thinking. So it aims to fulfill this demand in its inventions. It set trends for its customers and is committed to highlight the looks of all the women who want a change.
There is always a difference between an amateur artist and a professional. But with RB the case is different; she is a professional and loves this job. So dresses are made with great love and care. Her commitment to work is taking her up into the sky soaring heights. And slowly and gradually, she is becoming a popular clothing diva. People praise her for providing quality fashion designs and hence, the number of her clients is booming day by day.
RB By Fashion Designer Rabail Qureshi:

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