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PTI Jalsa 23rd March 2013 Lahore

Imran Khan PTI Jalsa 23rd March 2013 Lahore

(Last Updated On: 22/03/2013)

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) is all set to gather another Tsunami in Lahore tomorrow. According to Lahore PTI President Abdul Aleem Khan on 16th of March 2013, this will not be just Tsunami, but it will be Tsunami plus as it is anticipated that at least one million people will gather at Minar-i-Pakistan Lahore for the gathering.
Talking to locally elected party seat-bearers on 19th of March 2013 on the occasion of congratulating newly elected PTI President Lahore, Chairman Imran Khan heavily criticized the current political parties, their setup and the leadership of these parties. He said that intra-party election system will be adapted by other political parties very soon and those parties who will not adapt this pattern will not survive. He stressed upon all the workers to start preparations for 23rd March 2013 Jalsa Lahore right now. He further said that we want to bring back Pakistan of Quaid-e-Azam.

Imran Khan PTI Jalsa 23rd March 2013 Lahore
Imran Khan PTI Jalsa 23rd March 2013 Lahore

On 23rd March 2013, PTI Chief Imran Khan will present the party manifesto at this very event. 80,000 newly-elected office-bearers are expected to be administered by Party Chairman Imran Khan to take oath. This event is not just PTI’s public meeting but PTI will also kick off its campaign for General Election 2013.
According to Imran Khan, this party manifesto will let the new and upcoming workers to become leaders of the party. No one will be able to become Chairman of the party more than twice. Party Chairman and leadership will be accountable to the party workers. He said that this will help in the elimination of the family politics from all the political parties of Pakistan.
In another interview to media, he said that he understands that Pakistani nation has decided its fate and this will be seen by everyone on 23rd of March at Minar-i-Pakistan Lahore. The ISF and youth wing of PTI will reach Minar-i-Pakistan to attend this gathering.
Different media resources have been used to inform and attract people of the nation. Large numbers of general public other than the party workers are expected to join this gathering in Lahore. Looking at the previous gatherings held by PTI under leadership of Imran Khan, it is not difficult to estimate that this gathering is going to be historical.

Imran Khan Jalsa 23rd March 2013 Lahore
Imran Khan Jalsa 23rd March 2013 Lahore


  1. Yeah Its Gonna happen… May God bless this person with a chance to make a change in Pak… I,came here to search for the data and pictures for the next assignment… 🙂

  2. Ya Allah imran khan ko hamara leader bana dy ya mere dua hai

  3. Khuda har shakhs ko shaoor dey takay achhi qiadat samnay aa saky. azmai hoon ko baar baar azmana aur etmaad karna achhi baat nahi.

  4. May ALLAH give us a leader who is good in Our COUNTRY's faith

  5. Inshallah 23 march ka jalsa itna qamyab hojayega k Saab mukhalfin dhakte rahjaynge. Pakistan Zindabad,Imran khan Zindabad, my love is only imrankhan.

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