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Sadia Imam wedding

Sadia Imam Wedding Pictures

Sadia Imam is the famous actress who has appeared in a number of dramas since she started her career in the acting. She had also worked as a model & host, she gets popularity for her work as an actress and there are a number of famous dramas on her credit. She has appeared in a number of leading roles different dramas. Nikah of  Sadia Imam took place in 2012 but Recently, Rukhsati ceremony was celebrated. According to some sources, delay of Rukhsati ceremony mainly due to some personal problems from both the families and major reason is the Sadia Imam Mother death. Actually, it is a Sadia’ second wedding because she also married in 2005 but after some time that marriage ends with the break up. She has not positive memories associated with her first marriage so her fans are hoping that her second marriage will bring a happy life for her.

Sadia Imam Dholki Nikkah Wedding Pictures
Sadia Imam Dholki Nikkah Wedding Pictures


A few months ago there were rumours spread on the internet which claimed that Sadia Imam will leave showbiz and she would start wearing Hijab after marriage but Sadia strongly rejected these claims but she also not clarify whether she will continue her work in the future or not. She actually said that she will continue work and wear Hijab according to her husband wish. Those who are fans of Sadia Imam then they can see her wedding pictures and her Hijab wearing picture on the internet on her fan page on the Facebook.

Sadia Imam Wedding Pictures:

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