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Sikandar took Islamabad Hostage; Rescued by Zamarrud Khan

What happened Earlier?

Capital city of Pakistan was taken hostage by a lone person whose name was identified as Sikandar on Thursday 15 August 2013. He was in news for well over five hours from 5:30 PM to around 11 PM.

What was Sikandar Demanding?

Sikandar was equipped with a sub-machine gun and a Kalashnikov and he is the resident of Hafizabad. Various media sources contacted him on phone and during those talks; it was revealed that he demanded for the removal of current democratic government and enforcement of Sharia Law in Pakistan. In addition, he asked for a safe passage for his family and himself. According to him, they were all ready to sacrifice their lives for this very purpose. His family included two kids and his wife named Kanwal Sikandar.

Role of Police; Silent Spectator

Cameras captured Sikandar smoking and drinking energy drinks while Capital Police was a mere spectator for all this time. SSP Dr. Rizwan tried to negotiate with Sikandar three times but every time his answer was refusal to surrender.

Who is Sikandar?

Mohammad Sikandar son of Mohammad Maalik has spent more than 25 years in UAE. According to Police, he was deported from Dubai in 1990 but he went there once again on a different passport. He returned to Pakistan just 9 months ago.

His wife Kanwal seemed confident and she negotiated with police authorities, as she demanded white paper and pen and submitted the demands in writing.

She even talked to the media persons and on one occasion, she went aggressive while talking to Javed Chaudhary.

Zamarrud Khan puts an End to the Drama

The drama ended when Zamarrud Khan who is a leader of Pakistan People’s Party (PPPP) went to talk to the children of Sikandar. Zamarrud put his life under danger and attacked the gunman and he missed him. The gunman started to fire at Zamarrud but luckily he survived and Police in retaliation opened fire at Sikandar.

Current Condition of Sikandar

Sikandar is shifted to PIMS hospital and according to Dr. Waseem Khawaja, Sikandar’s condition was serious. Later Geo News reported that Sikandar has undergone a successful operation but he is still critical and has been sent to ICU to be put on ventilator for about 24 hours.

Sikandar AppreciationSocial media has mixed views about this act of Sikandar. Some think he is a fool while some think he has done what everyone of us must do.


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