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Make up Guide & Tips for Girls

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 16/08/2013)

As every girl wants that, her everything should be perfect . To look perfect and different from all gatherings everyone likes to wear stylish dresses. When different parties are arranged and all family members and relatives gathers in the parties by forgetting all works and tensions just to make their relations strong and perfect. Every girl from young ones to married ones wants to look perfect at different events. During preparation , many girls find it difficult in applying makeup. Therefore, everyone can follow some guidelines during application of makeup.

The first thing that is most important for a good makeup is the foundation. Every one should select the foundation according to the skin tone and color. Foundation is the base of the makeup. At this Eid, one can apply foundation with a yellow tone. It may be different from your skin color but it suits all types of skins. Apply a little matte power after applying foundation. The powder will absorb the sweat from the skin and skin will look natural. Before application of foundation, it is important to remove all dust and oil particles from the skin. Because if oil will present on the skin the makeup will give bad look to you and give your personality an unpleasant look. So make sure to remove oil before applying makeup on the skin.

Another thing that is important during makeup is the use of concealer. Conclear used to hide the dark circles under the eyes. Ladies are worried about dark circles at the skin so use of concealer is best to hide these dark circles to look good at eid. Apply it under the eyes to hide dark circles.

The most important thing that matters in personality look is the eye makeup.  Eye make should be good for eid and should be applies with care and attention. One should pluck eyebrows before eid and should use light brown pencil at eyebrows to make the eyebrows prominent. If one wants to look hot and sizzling on Eid then dark make will be best for eyes and if one does not want darker shades than lighter shades like pink, peach and light brown will be best for eyes.

Lipstick color should be according to your skin tone and whole face makeup. Apply lipstick at the eid of makeup to give a final look to the makeup. Apply lip shiner and lip gloss to the lips it gives a shiny look to the lips.

Makeup Tips for Girls:

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