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Sindh Assembly Or Wedding Hall?

Written by Faisal Sardar
(Last Updated On: 01/12/2013)

Well it’s very sad to witness such events, events in which the law makers break the laws. Not only break the law but not to be ashamed of it is even worse. This is what happened in Sindh Assembly when assembly’s building and ground were used for celebration of marriage ceremony of some relative of Sindh assembly speaker.When the event was exposed by media, very next day speaker of Sindh assembly came up with a new law as he said i have right to do that and this is not the first time that assembly hall has been used as a marriage hall. It’s very funny and at the same time very pinching to hear such comments from such high authorities. When law makers will do such things to laws then how will a common man abide the law. These high profiles personalities have all the money but they still use assembly hall as marriage hall, what a shame. The speaker Sindh assembly was very right that it’s not the first time  in history of Pakistan that assembly hall has been used a banquet hall but two wrongs doesn’t make right. Such high profile people should comment while keeping in view what image or their comments would carry to rest of the world. Another comment was passed by official of last government regarding educational degree that was that “Degree is Degree whether its original or fake”. Such comments from high officials reflect that it’s us who have given them vote to rule us. It’s really time now for us to think about benefits of whole the nation not individual. It’s time that we should start giving education to our children so that they have vision to select a better leader for themselves.

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Faisal Sardar is an Electronics Engineer at Colony Mills limited, Multan.
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