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Summer / Spring Kurtas 2013 for Men

(Last Updated On: 13/12/2014)

Mark Twain said once that it is clothes that make a man; naked men have no influence on societies.  Now if we talk about Pakistani dresses for men, what comes as first choice to our mind is “Kurtas”, especially in the season of summers. Kurtas are fun and fashion along with being comfortable. They go great on men of all ages. It is an eastern fashion to wear Kurtas with shalwar. 2013 summer Kurtas for men trends are here to be presented as: Kurtas for men 2013 consists of black or white shalwars with a huge variety of sexy colors for guys. The trends are now changed and unlike past years, this year Kurtas will be found in unique colors also. Full sleeves Kurtas are “ON” these days, they look perfect on men. Lightly embroidered Kurtas are also in demand. These embroideries are majorly done delicately on necklines and on the sleeve’s edge. Plain Kurtas are also in vogue. People of older age are specially its admirers. Plains kurtas add grace to their outlooks. Men in our country love to prefer Kurtas over others on different occasions like mehndis, Eids, casual routines, and funerals and especially on the holy day of Jumma.

Designer Kurtas are particularly popular in our country. These Kurtas contain several colors nowadays like blue, peachy, plumy color, yellow, light brown, orange, silvery and metallic etc. Designer Kurta collection of 2013 includes dark colored kurtas to get the men of our age a dashing impression. The trend of designing Kurtas among fashion designers has increased seeing the demand for them on different occasions and parties. Kurtas are also available in block printed form instead of embroidery. It has a vast range of designing as well.  Block printing is done is several shapes further for example there is block printing on the left side only, or on the right one and on the neckline etc. Youngsters & teenage boys love to wear them with Jeans these days. It is a new style that has evolved in our country in recent years. Lawn and Cotton Kurtas are particularly used this summer for this stuff is cooler than all others. Thus “Men’s Kurta Trend 2013” involves graceful fashion Kurtas for the men of new era.

Summer Kurtas 2013 for Men:

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