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Terrorism Expert Journalist ”Hamid Mir”

(Last Updated On: 29/05/2013)

If someone asked me about the Journalist who has been banned more than he has worked then I can proudly tell them the name of ”Hamid Mir” He is the person who has no fears maybe because he is Terrorism Expert or maybe he is insane because he has lost his job five times because of his writing and he is the guy who has interviewed the most feared Osama Bin Laden three times, former Prime Minister of United Kingdom Tony Blair

Hamid Mir started his career as Sub-Editor, Reporter, Feature Writer and Editor in charge of “Daily Jang” in year 1987 and his feature in Daily Jang got him fired in year 1994 because it revealed the Submarine Scandal of curse if you will write about Prime Minister’s Husbands friends and Navy officials that will happen.

Later he got appointed n “Daily Pakistan” as editor and at he lost his job after a year! This time he wrote about Corruptions of Prime Minister Nawaz Shrief and I don’t think he should have written about his corruptions as everyone knows how corrupt the Shrief brothers are.

Then he started his own “Daily Ausaf” in 1997 as founding Editor and later joined the “Geo TV” in 2002 as Northern Region editor. In 2006 He was arrested by Hezbollah when he was trying to cover Israeli jets and after investigation Hezbollah released him when they were assured that he wasn’t an Israeli Spy.

In 2007 he was attacked by Islamabad Police when Hamid Mir was covering protest of Lawyers in favor of Chief Justice of Pakistan and after apologizes of President of Pakistan (Retired) General Musharraf he was banned from the “Geo Network” for four months duration.

Peoples Party of Pakistan’s government also banned him in 2008 on Geo News. Things turned more intense when an audio tape was released of conversation between second in Command of Hakimullah Mused and Hamid Mir where they were discussing interrogation of Khalid Khawaja. The tape hasn’t been proved authentic since.

Hamid Mir has received several Awards naming Hillel-e-Imtiaz, All Pakistan News Society Award three times, and Maharishi_Samman. He is the most popular journalist of all times while official authorities have always disliked him and he has been called as Pro-Taliban and etc.  It is true that the person who is famous always gets a scandal but the way Hamid Mir has lived his life, we should salute his courage as he is real Journalist who will never sell his words for couple of rupees

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