Ufone Saudia Arabia Mobile Internet Offer for Postpaid

Internet is something that has become a “must” thing for us all. It’s role in our lives in no doubt, not negligible. We cannot ignore our e-mail accounts, social networks, staying connect to our loved ones or getting breaking news from all over the world from the Internet now.
We have to stay connected nowadays to the internet for some reasons, especially when we go out to other countries & feel home sick. At that time we need to get connected to our kinship and companions for interaction or officials for business and work. With Ufone Mobily it is possible to stay connected to your beloveds ,co-workers, friends or anyone else via using the internet in low rates.
It is a postpaid offer. It is truly an innovation in the postpaid history; it is a GPRS package for the entire customer who avail postpaid services. Ufone gives freedom to roam even in Saudia Arabia with it. Now Internet has a very low rate even on a foreign land, which is $ 0.05 per 100 KB. It is the first ever time that any Pakistani network has given an offer with such catchy rates. It is applicable on all Ufone Mobily Saudia Arabia network. Although it is not a long-term offer, i.e. It is a limited time offer but totally fair and transparent and without the involvement of an hidden charges or anything like that.

Ufone mobily postpaid is an offer especially designed for those living in Saudia Arabia for some reasons and need to use internet for different purposes. This offer will enable them to enjoy cheap internet and stay happy even outside home.
Mobily Network means a full involvement of you in the Internet abroad, with Ufone. Do freely what your heart says on the Internet with Mobily.


Ali Rajput is an entrepreneur and I.T professional from Pakistan who loves to blog about ICT & current Pakistani issues. He is well known in local industry for his consulting services for cooperate computing solutions. He also holds Masters Degree in Advance Computer Science from University of Leicester, United Kingdom. Reach out to him on Twitter @acompk via email at admin [at] web.pk


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