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Unlimited SMS Bundles: Facility or Headache?

Nowadays, in order to stay ahead of the competition. Mobile phone companies are offering cheap call and text messages bundles to their customers. These low cost services are beneficial for most of people however if we look on the other side of the mirror. There is a dark of the story.

With SMS bundles, customers can easily text to their love ones for a dozen times for less than a rupee. However the real story is not this simple (and bright). According to critics, the unlimited packages are misused by customers as they only pay a rupee. Despite the fact that majority of users are happy with these services, still this matter needs to be resolved.

Dr Murtaza Mughal adds up, last year the total number of messages sent and received was 20 billion in Pakistan but this year. The figure has significantly increased.  After September 2013, at least 10 billion messages are recorded per month. The affordability of these services is beneficial for users but analyzers are not happy with the fact. According to a report it have been highlighted that the services are adding more operators and the profit made from these services is quickly drained by EU.

The Pakistan Economy Watch also presented a report in this matter clearly stating that users are facing inconvenience because of the easy availability of these services. The problem starts with a person sending hundreds of messages by paying little fee which are the roots of SMS Marketing Business.  Sometimes the messages are made to fool innocent people by asking sending their money for a Prize scheme or other such matters.

Dr Murtaza Malik supported this fact by adding such practices are straight violation of human rights and the cheap services should be discouraged. If not then parents are strictly advised to keep an eye on their young ones.

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