Queer Pakistan Condemns the Gay Incident in Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 26/12/2013)

Pakistan Queer group has highlighted an issue just recently about a gay couple living together and were invaded by Pakistani media channel Abb Takk. was the first ever gay and lesbians’ website of Pakistan and it was banned by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

So what was the incidence? A reporter of Pakistani TV channel Abb Takk actually invaded a house. According to the anchor of the channel, a gay couple was living in the house. Not something new, isn’t it? Earlier a 2 Pakistani lesbian girls married in United Kingdom.

During the show not only they invaded the house but all over the screen, offensive captions were flashing according to which LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersexed) people are worthy of ‘stoning and cause AIDS’.

Abb Takk channel advertised the episode’s headline as “Male and She-Male living as husband wife”. The interviewer wandered around in their house without permission, suddenly finds some substance claiming that it was some kind of drug and during the interview keeps asking both of them disturbing questions.

The reporter keeps her tone insulting and aggressive during the interview and at the interview, the couple is taken away by the police, arrested for God knows what charges.

The Queer group in their report condemned the actions of the TV channel Abb Takk by stating that, “We condemn and protest against the inaccuracy of the facts presented, invasion of privacy, publicly humiliating, involving police and homophobic bigotry reporting aimed at demonizing the LGBT community.”

As a matter of fact, this seems more like a ratings stunt by the TV channel rather than trying to do something useful for the nation as everyone knows that there is no law in Pakistan where a person can be stoned to death for any kind of non-marital relationship. It is really hard to imagine how far these TV channels can go in order to win some rating points in order to gain advantage over their competitors.

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