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Vital Signs Band Reunion – Great Classics Together for “Naya Pakistan”

Vital-Signs-band-reunionThere is great news for those who are fans of Pop music.They will feel excited by hearing that Vital Signs who was well known Pop music band in the mid 80’s and 90’s has reunited for the launching of new track in the Karachi studio.  It has been reported that all the founding members of late vital signs band like Junaid Jamshed, Salaman Ahmad, Shahi Hasan and Nusrat Hussain got together at a Karachi based music studio where they are making a new track with name “Naya Pakistan” as named denotes would be patriotic Pakistani song. The new track is being recorded at Indus World Music Studio and owner of that studio is Shahi Hasan, who runs this studio at present. Surely, this new track will give the young generating of Pakistan hope and courage for doing well for their country.

The re-union of these pop superstars of the past has created an exciting atmosphere among the fans which vital signs members were not expecting because they get together for doing something after long time. With song releasing some of the pictures are also released in which people can see the members of music band sitting together. As the people hear the news about making of inspiring song for the youth of Pakistan from the late vital signs band there is a lot of talk about Junaid Jamshed because he is now preaching Islam and he is not doing anything for music at present. There is also talks about that will members of late vital signs band will continue music after giving a patriotic number.  

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