Waqar Zaka to Marry Sweet Sanam Jung

Written by Faisal Sardar
(Last Updated On: 06/12/2013)

Shocked! Almost everybody is with this news of Waqar Zaka going to marry Sanam Jung. Waqar Zaka who got fame from his program “living on the edge” is reported to be marrying full of talent Sanam Jung. Almost everyone who know both of them says a complete mismatch.

The personalities of both the celebrities don’t match at all. Waqar is kind of hated and Sanam Jung is admired by everyone she really has very colourful personality which makes her loveable. The news of both getting married is still not confirmed as this news is all over internet. The news of their marriage leaked from Facebook where some one shared the status of Waqar Zaka.  According to that status update Waqar is going make Sanam his bride on 20th January 2014.

The news haven’t been confirmed by any of the party but no one has denied it so far as well.  Last year was full of celebrity marriages and if the news is Waqar and Sanam is true than what a start it will be for year 2014 for celebrity marriages. Few days back the news of Umar Akmal marrying daughter of Abdul Qadir the former famous leg spinner of Pakistan the news later got confirmed and it was revealed that they are getting married in this December.

Lets see how much this news is authentic but one thing is for sure many of Sanam Jung fans are not satisfied with this match. Sanam Jung fans have updated their statuses where they have shown their anger against Waqar Zaka and most of them said that its totally a mismatch.  Lets see if the wish of Waqar Zaka comes true or it proves to be a publicity act.

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