9-Years Old Hasham Khan Creates World Record for Pakistan

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 27/08/2014)

He is only 9-years old and holds a world record for Pakistan. His parents will be so proud of him so as the nation. Hasham Hadi Khan is a young member of Pakistan team that is participating in 6th International Scrabble Championship and he created a world record and beaten Sri Lanka’s Matheesha De Silva at the same time.

80 of the world’s best Scrabble players were present in the arena when they observed this spectacular show of vocabulary and tactical skills where 9-years old Hasham Hadi Khan emerged as next big thing in the circles of world Scrabble.

Guinness Book of World Records show that the highest ever score recorded in scrabble match was 850. This score was recorded by Toh Wei Bin of Singapore who made this score against Scottish player Rick Kennedy back in 2012. Hasham Hadi Khan beat his record score convincingly by scoring 878 points against Sri Lankan player Matheesha De Silva.

Until now, no one has been able to record a score of 800 plus in an international tournament of Scrabble but Hasham did it. This score by Hasham included a triple-triple play for his word ‘GRUNTLES’ and also three bingos; SHERIAT, RETSINA AND HEADERS.

Hasham Hadi Khan will appear in his first ever international Scrabble tournament on August 29th. He will be representing Pakistan at ‘World Youth Scrabble Championship’.

Every Pakistani knows that there is a huge pool of talent in Pakistan. Due to lack of resources, this talent is unable to show at the international level. Slowly and gradually youth like Hasham Hadi Khan are making sure that the talent of Pakistani Youth is visible at the international level. The nation is proud of you Hasham. Keep up the good work and make us all proud once again at ‘World Youth Scrabble Championship’.

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