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Ainee Khalid & Amanat Ali Affair

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 01/06/2014)

Well life is full of surprises and another surprise is that recent female rock star of Pakistan Ainee Khalid has been seen hanging out with another music sensation of Pakistan and that is Amanat Ali. Its been reported that both them are very much in to each other and have developed feelings for each other. Both rock stars have kept the status of their relationship hidden so far and pretend to be “just friends” in front of media. Both of them have been seen hanging out with each other several times.

These two get to know each other when they have work on a add of Telenor Talk Shalk. Many say that their chemistry developed right from the day 1 on the set. They get along with each other very smoothly and their understanding kept increasing day by day. Sources say that close friends of both the celebrities knows very well about what’s going between these two. Ainee Khalid few days back was experiencing a hard time with her ex-husband regarding getting divorce.

It seems that Ainee Khalid has found Mr. Perfect for her and both of them look very cool with each other. Amanat Ali on the other hand have to work very hard to go along with her because our society have reservations on divorced women. In this regard it wont be easy for Amanat to get that lovely lady with cute dimples. Its worth mentioning here that both of them look made for each other as they have very good chemistry with each other and if one watch those two together he/she would get an impression that they have been together since many years.

Let’s wait and watch what comes next in this love story. We wish best of luck to both of them if they are really looking to get along with each other.

Ainee Khalid and Amanat Ali Affair 1

Ainee Khalid and Amanat Ali Affair 2

Ainee Khalid and Amanat Ali Affair3

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