Ali Zafar’s Strong Response to Shan

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 19/05/2014)

Everyone knows that nowadays every actor and actress is trying to find a way to Bollywood. In this regard many actors have made their way to Bollywood and most of them failed. One thing is  for sure that they tried their level best to make themselves successful.  Many of them  went to Bollywood in last 3 years. Ali Zafar is considered to be the most successful actor from Pakistan.

 Shan Shahid has called these recent actors as Cheap sell outs as Shan thinks that they just go for the name of Bollywood and nothing else and agrees to do a film in Bollywood. This comment of Shaan has put Ali Zafar on fire and Ali Zafar was looking to respond to this and he found it when he was receiving award for international icon of the year. Ali Zafar gave a strong response to Shaan  and said that its just a way of hiding their own weaknesses.

He further added that they hide their weaknesses sometimes by showing that they are patriot enough not to go to Bollywood and sometimes say that they comes up with some other reasons. Ali Zafar looked totally mad on Shaan, as he further added that it was very disrespectful to call Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan,  Rahat Fateh Ali Khan several others “cheap sell outs”.

The painter come singer come actor said believes that its totally his hard work due to which he is gaining international fame. He also thinks that one should be very careful when commenting on others.  Well both have a point but what I think is that Shaan was really talking about those who were really cheap sell outs and fell for Bollywood.

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