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New House Job Policy By Punjab Health Department

(Last Updated On: 20/05/2014)

Punjab is the largest province of Pakistan as far as the population is concerned. Now the health department of Punjab has decided that it will no more award the stipend to the doctors who are doing house job in Punjab but are from other provinces of Pakistan.

According to a notification from Punjab Health Department, the government of Punjab has announced a new policy. The new policy barred the doctors from other provinces from receiving the stipend during their house job tenure. The stipend will be given to only the doctors who have graduated from government funded colleges of Punjab.

Doctors affected from this action of Punjab Government said that it is a violation of PMDC rules and regulations and are protesting against this decision of Punjab Government.

They further claimed that not giving doctors from other provinces the stipend is clear violation of the rules and it is their right to receive the stipend.

The action of Punjab Government will discourage people from other provinces to come for house jobs to Punjab medical institutions. In the longer run it might be beneficial for Punjab province as the local doctors will be accommodated in good places but for the people of other provinces, it will create a situation where they will feel deprived and the load of house job doing doctors will immensely increase in their respective provinces.

Right now the situation of the country does not allow the doctors to hold strikes against these kinds of decisions and Punjab government might get under pressure to take this decision back.

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