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Amir Liaquat Challenge to Fahad Mustafa

Amir Liaquat Challenge to Fahad Mustafa

It was Amir Liaquat who lost badly this year and couldn’t retain his success. His Ramzan transmission totally failed and couldn’t gather audiences so Amir Liaquat didn’t prove lucky for Express Network. It can be said that Amir Liaquat success lies in Geo Network without Geo Network Amir is just a simple anchor but I would rather say that less than a simple anchor. This year it was year of ARY network as they conquered all the sections in this Ramzan.

Their Ramzan transmission was awesome Junaid Jamshed and Waseem Badami did a wonderful job and their show was clean, nothing stupid was done for getting ratings it was pure Islamic transmission. All the participants were given proper respect no one was taunted. On the other hand Amir Liaquat the so called Islamic scholar tried his best but was failed. Some say that only the participants of his program watched his show well I think that’s exaggeration but yes his show failed despite of silly acts that Amir did during the show like putting mangoes in mouth of participants in a very ill way.

His transmission got mostly affected by Fahad Mustafa’s show Jeeto Pakistan. Jeeto Pakistan was not only answer to Amir Liaquat’s Inam Ghar but also spoiled his Ramzan transmission prime time. Indeed a super genius step by ARY Digital. Jeeto Pakistan was really proved to be mega successful program. Everybody is of the view that the program was very beautifully handled by Fahad Mustafa and was much better than Amir’s Inam Ghar.

These comments has really put him on fire and he couldn’t resist and sent another live, ill-mannered and frustrated message to Fahad Mustafa in which he said “Pyaray Bachon jo karna tha kerlia Abu arahein hain”. Well the message itself tells how much frustrated Amir Liaquat is! Plus will anybody agree that scholars use such language? Watch frustrated video of Amir Liaquat below.

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