Ayyan Singing Career Started With “You and I” Music Video

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 04/08/2014)

Ayyan is one of the top models of Pakistan fashion industry. A few days ago on the occasion of Eid her first ever music video was released. This is her first attempt as singer and it seems that it was a totally wasted effort. The song is worse than Mathira’s Jhootha.

Title of the song is “You and I” and it is full of clichés and the beats are synthesized in such a way that it seems that a person with no music sense has randomly pressed some musical equipment and derived this music. An ordinary listener could not take the music and would probably shut it off before it completes.

On the other hand, Ayyan’s participation in the song is very less with some here and there chants and ‘na na na nas’. F.Charm also appears in the song and it seems he is the lead singer trying to cover Ayyan. Unfortunately none of the tactics has worked for them. It is a horrible song with horrible music and horrible lyrics.

The lyrics are so senseless “Life… what is life without party… party… what is party without girls?” and even more senseless “I’m coming back to my life… I make you swallow your pride.”

If this song is what Ayyan and F.Charm are thinking to build upon in the future, then they have got it all wrong. They really have to work hard and bring up something good. As Ayyan plans to launch a complete album under the same name via Red Clover Media, she must realize that building on the same theme would not help and something new is required for her to get recognition as a singer.

 Ayyan “You and I” Music Video

Ayyan – You and I by dawn-news

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