Amir Liaquat Rejected Rumors Regarding Joining Express News

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 02/06/2014)

Amir Liaquat, an artist who doesn’t need any introduction as he is one of the most popular personalities of Pakistan Electronic Media right now. This artist has many fans and just like that many who are against him. He has hosted many live transmissions on various TV channels of Pakistan but most of the time he has been part of Geo TV. He left Geo TV some days back due to a leaked video in which he was using abusive language with many of his guests at show.

That video damaged image of the host very much and people all over Pakistan get to know his real face. But right after that he made a comeback to Geo TV and became part of its several programs and the most successful and most criticized program was Aman Ramzan. Since hate against Geo TV has spread all around the country and Geo is facing great opposition and a court case is in process against the channel which can end up cancelling license of Geo TV.

Since Geo is in trouble there were rumors in the market that Amir Liaquat is leaving Geo and joining Express News. The scholar denied all such news of joining Express news he is it’s a normal thing that he gets offers from various private channels of the country but he haven’t decided yet. He says that he had kept this decision pending till Shab e Barat and will decide after that whether he will stay here or will move to some other channel. I think Amir Liaquat has made a smart move by not showing whether he is switching or not I think he is looking towards the future of Geo TV

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