Amir Liaquat’s Family Pictures with Wife and Children

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 05/10/2014)

What should I call him? A politician, a poet, a host, a religious scholar or drama King of Pakistan?
Well we have many drama queens in Pakistan like Mathira, Veena Malik, Meera but we only have one drama King and that is Amir Liaquat. He started off as a religious scholar and still is acting as one but he has modified himself in to something unusual. After politicans he is the personality who is criticized a lot across the country specially after his video that got leaked in which he was abusing and was making fun of many.

After that he was criticized for his Ramzan transmission where he messed with Eye to Eye Singer. This year he was crticised a lot for making fun of participants of his show when he instered full mango in mouth of a participant. But besides this all he still have got lot of fans who love him and want to watch him all day long on TV and they love him for his unusual activities. This year when Fahad Mustafa defeated him in Ramzan he came up with a comment “Jis ny Jo krna tha kr liya ab abu g arahy hain”. Well you can expect such things from him.

Another famous dialog of Amir Liaquat is “Ghalib film dekhi hy ap ny?”. For those who love and want to know more about Amir Liaquat, we have some pictures of his family for them. Amir Liaquat have two children a boy and a girl. Amir Liaquat nowadays is preparing for a game show for which he said “Abu G arahy hain”. Lets see what Amir Liaquat comes up with. Right watch these pictures.





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