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Wasim Badami Left ARY; Joined BOL Network

Following the footsteps of veteran journalist Kamran Khan of Geo News, Wasim Badami has also decided to say farewell to ARY and join BOL Network. He has joined BOL Network as Executive Vice President and Senior Anchorperson.

Kamran Khan left Geo News after being associated to Jang group of publications and its TV channel Geo for 32 years. Now Wasim Badami after spending 9 years in ARY has left for BOL.

Looking at both the cases of Kamran Khan and Wasim Badami, rumors were there. In his farewell program at Geo, Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Sath, he mentioned that journalists know best how to do their job and dictation and interference from organization is not a healthy thing.

Wasim Badami left ARY with a final message saying that

I was requested by you (Salman Iqbal) to reconsider my decision, but I could not do so, and I am sorry for that

Rumors suggest that his case was not much different from Kamran Khan’s case. Wasim Badami was of the view point that Mubashar Luqman was given freehand and he was directly affecting the policies of the ARY network.

Other rumors suggest that Wasim Badami was alleged of corruption as he took money from the government and used it to propagate the agenda of building public opinion against PTI and PAT’s sit-ins. The alleged amount is estimated to be 10 million rupees. This rumor does not have much strength as Wasim Badami’s statement above shows that he was still requested to stay at ARY but he preferred to join BOL network.

Whatever the case may be, moving forward and grabbing better opportunities is the right of every human being and there is nothing wrong with Kamran Khan or Wasim Badami moving forward and cashing in on better opportunities.


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