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Asma Shirazi Pakistan’s First Journalist to Win Peter Mackler Award

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 31/08/2014)

Independent media is what everybody wants in country. A neutral journalist is very difficult to find in any country. Journalism has also became an industry all over the world. People use news agencies for their own benefits. Some times its government and sometimes powerful personalities. Journalism in Pakistan is not an easy task to be performed as it carries lots of threats with it.

To be an unbiased journalist you have to pay a lot. Nowadays we see different channels supports different political parties or different political parties control’s different channels. Asma Shirazi is one of those journalists who have not been nominated to support any party. She is very well known for coming up with truth and nothing else. She had done many programs that criticize the current government and very few anchors have this courage to criticize ruling party.

Asma Shirazi is also Pakistan first female war correspondent. She reported General Pervaiz Musharraf’s 2007 state of emergency, she also reported Israel and Lebanon war back in year 2006 plus Violence on Pak Aghan border in year 2009. It was her shear hard work which gave her this peter Mackler Award. The project Director of Peter Mackler Award Mr. Camille Mackler said

“We are thrilled to recognise the courage and dedication to journalistic ethics that Ms Shirazi has displayed every day of her career.”

David Milikin, director of AFP for North America said during the award show that

“AFP is happy to be associated with this recognition of Asma Shirazi’s great courage and perseverance in reporting on conflict and politics in Pakistan despite the personal dangers she faced.”

Mackler said in introduction of Asma Shirazi that

“Shirazi ensures that unbiased, free information is available throughout Pakistan,”

Asma Shirazi is very happy after receiving the award and becoming the first Pakistani lady to win this big award.

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