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Ufone UPaisa debit Card

Ufone UPaisa debit Card

The dimensions of telecommunication companies are changing very dynamically. Mobile operators are not limited to voice calls and SMS. Now mobile operators deals in internet, voice calls, SMS, MMS, money transfers and now Ufone has taken another initiative and that is Upaisa Debit Card.

The mobile operators can now also be called Mini banks. Ufone most the time is the first company to come up with something new. UPaisa debit card is another example of creativity of Ufone management. This debit card has been launched byUfone in collaboration with Ubank. this debit card will work like other debit cards, this card can be used on all ATM’s plus retail outlets not only this 1-Link ATM’s and Unionpay machines will also accept this card. Well what one needs from a debit card is available in Upaisa debit card.

Telecom companies are really enjoying boom in Pakistan as they have numerous options available for earning money. Another feature of Upaisa Debit card is that you can enjoy discounts at many many brands on this card. So Upaisa Debit card has all the convenience for you and its very easy to get Upaisa debit card as you can get your debit card from your any Ufone service center, registered Upaisa shop, franchise or Ubank branch today.

Method of Getting UPaisa debit card:

Visit nearest Ufone franchise or Ubank branch with your original CNIC and its copy and number that is registered at your name. You will be asked to fill forms and you have to deposit minimum amount in the debit card is Rs. 100 and card issuance charges are Rs. 200. after three hours of submitting documents your Upaisa Debit card will be activated.

Cash Withdrawal Charges:

Cash withdrawal from 1-Link and M-Net will be Rs. 25/-. Balance inquiry is totally free of cost. Inter-bank transfer will be charged Rs. 50 plus tax.

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