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Gidh Upcoming Pakistani Movie Trailer

Gidh Upcoming Pakistani Movie Trailer

(Last Updated On: 13/10/2014)
Gidh Upcoming Pakistani Movie Trailer
Gidh Upcoming Pakistani Movie Trailer

New movie of Shaan Gidh Shaan really was waiting for it since very long for Pakistan film industry to produce some quality movies and when he got the chance to prove he proved himself to be the king of Lollywood. Waar was an example of how much competent this guy really is. If given a chance he will prove himself to be a Hollywood standard actor and if not you will see him with gandasa.

Pakistan film industry is on boom nowadays producers and directors have found that if you will come up with a quality product than success in guaranteed. Waar, Zinda Bhag, Mai hoon Shahid Afridi, Bol and Khuda k liye are recent examples of it. On this Eid two more quality movies are being released and those are Na Maloom Afraad and Operation O21. Both are doing good on cinemas both have got good response from the audiences.

Gidh Aysha Khan, Mona Liza

Waar 2 is on its way towards completion and now another potential block buster that has Shaan as lead role is on its way towards cinemas and that is Gidh. The movie is a Romance plus action urdu film and it good to know that Shamoon Abbasi is directing the movie and we all know that Shmoon is a quality lover and he will definatley come up with come quality work. The movie is produced by J.A.R productions and Shaan films.


mona-lizza-in upcoming film gidh

Gidh Pakistani Film

The movie will be released this year. Music of Gidh is composed by Kamran Akhtar and the story of the movie is written by Zubair Abbasi. The cinematograpy of the movie done by Shamoon Abbasi. The movie is rated as one of the most anticipated movie of Pakistan cinema. Let’s see how well Shamoon Abbasi performs.

Gidh Upcoming Pakistani Movie Trailer:

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