Hum TV Network “Hum Europe” on Virgin media

Hum TV Europe is now available on Virgin media on channel # 833. Hum Network has really proved to be the most successful Pakistani entertainment Network rating as it is giving a tough time to Geo Network. One have to give reward to Hum Network as it has brought back Pakistani or Urdu speaking viewers back to national channels as most of Pakistani viewers were divided in international channels but Hum Network brought those back by coming up with some sensational and quality oriented dramas. The dramas for which Pakistan television was once known. Hum Network started off from a channel by the name of Hum TV. After success of HUM TV, Hum Network was extended by introducing Masala channel which was first south Asian channel that broadcast-ed and live programs 24 hour a day and Masala channel is still leading channel in south Asian channels regarding food and cooking.

Hum Network came up with an other channel that was purely dedicated to fashion industry tv guide by the name of fashion 360. Fashion 360 is totally based on fashion shows and fashion programs. After the success of fashion 360 another squeal of Hum Network came out to be Hum World and after Hum world recently Hum Network came up with Hum Sitary and now on 10th March Hum Network came up with their latest product and that is Hum Europe.

The Hum Europe transmission went on air on Monday. Hum Network has really excelled and proved its worth and is great source of quality entertainment. The president of Hum Network Sultana Siddiqui is pretty hopeful that Hum Europe will also prove to be a successful product of Hum Network.

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