Method Of Blocking Your Stolen Cell Phone – PTA, Police & CPLC

Losing mobile or cell phone is pretty painful process. When a cell phone of a person get snatched or is stolen he/she wants to get it back but if that’s not possible than next thing that comes to mind  is that if I can’t use that mobile than nobody else has the right to use it. if one ensures that the thief can’t use that set than it gives some relief to the disturb soul. Well that’s possible when you lose your mobile you can restrict the thief not to use it by following a simple procedure.
To block your stolen phone first of all you should know IMEI number of your cell phone that can normally be found underneath the battery of cell phone if it’s not there it will be somewhere on the box of your mobile phone. It’s better option is that when you buy a cell phone you should dial
from your phone and a number will appear on screen of your cell phone. That number is IMEI number note that number somewhere safe. When your cell phone gets lost or someone snatch it from you than you have to go to the authorities and tell them that cell phone is not longer in your use.  In Pakistan mobile phone snatching is getting common day to day specially in Karachi and Lahore.
One should report on these numbers to block their cell phones through their IMEI numbers, the authorities will ask some basic questions and then they would block your mobile.
Here are the numbers to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to block your cell phone:
PTA 0800-25625
Some other numbers are
Citizen Police Liaison Committee 021-35662222
Police 15.
Other than that you can write to [email protected]
stoeln mobile pk pta
By doing so one can get a little satisfaction that if I am not able to use my phone then no one else can use it.
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