iPhone 6 Screen Will be With 1080p Resolution & 2GB RAM

Rumours indicate that iPhone 6 will be having two display sizes. One will be with 4.7 inches and the second will be with 5.7 inches display. Bigger and better screen is anticipated in iPhone 6 as well as a full HD resolution at 1080p. Previously iPhone mobile sets were not having HD Display  but only retina display.

Some other rumours indicate that iPhone 6 screen might get above 1080p. The display that is 4.7 inches might have 1080p resolution display while 5.7 inches version might come up with 2K display (having resolution of 2272 x 1280 pixels).

Not only the screen size and resolution is anticipated to increase but RAM will be increased as well. With a 2 GB of RAM, multi-tasking and gaming will be far more smoother and will be more fun than before.

  • iPhone 6 screen resolution will be greater than ever
  • iPhone 6 will be available in 128 GB Storage
  • iPhone 6 will be having an increased 2 GB of RAM
  • Camera might or might not be upgraded in iPhone 6 but 8 Megapixel Rear and 3.2 Megapixel Front is the minimum anyone can expect
  • Operating System of iPhone 6 will be iOS 7.2 and not iOS 8
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